Happy, Healthy Hogs Produce Exceptional Pork!

EXIF_JPEG_T422 Heritage breeds were the first generations of pigs introduced into the pork industry. These breeds are now rare due to the intensive commercial farming methods, which have done away with free-range production. Confining animals into massive pens, often on concrete floors, with no access to grazing and natural instinctive socialization has resulted in the once popular breeds becoming almost extinct. The English Large Black and the Tamworth are two rare breeds we are currently raising on our farm. In addition to pasture raising these beautiful animals, we supplement their daily feed by milling our own custom blend of peanuts and hay for a special peanut-finished pork that is absolutely delicious! Read more about our custom feeding philosophy.
Livestock Guardian Dogs
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Hogs Are What They Eat

Ever heard the old adage “You are what you eat?” There is a lot of truth to that saying. Eating a nutrient-dense diet and getting proper exercise and sunshine are essential to maintaining proper health and energy levels. The animals that provide us protein are no different.

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